Baroque Pearl Stud Earrings & Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklaces | Nacre Launches Pearl Jewelry Line

Baroque Pearl Stud Earrings & Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklaces | Nacre Launches Pearl Jewelry Line

Pearl Pendant Necklaces and Pearl Stud Earrings by Nacre Watches

What started with pearl watches has now evolved into a lifestyle brand centered on conscious living, connecting with one another and the world, and cultivating simple yet significant style.

At the helm of the passion project turned business is CEO Loren Fernandez. Loren launched the brand to create a more modern pearl watch for the woman seeking a versatile, everyday accessory. The brand quickly grew to include four modern, minimalist watches; Lune 48, Lune 8, Lune, and Mini Lune


Pearl Watches with Meaning

Named for the bright face of the full moon, each of the Lune watches connects us with the power of the universe and the moon’s role in shifting the tides and marking the movement of time.  The watches were designed with the utmost attention to craftsmanship and quality, using materials sourced from across the globe.

We created the entire collection to help the wearer realize the importance of being absolutely present, protected from the digital pull.


The response to Nacre Watches has been powerfully positive, and the participation within the social community via the Nacre Circle is a spring of continuous inspiration. 

Pearl Jewelry Expansion

As a family of third-generation jewelers, the Nacre team has been encouraged by the response and inspired by baroque pearls.

The sense of individuality evoked by these pearls resonates with people. While shunned for their imperfections in the 1900s, today baroque pearls are more alluring than ever.

Baroque Pearl Characteristics

How does the baroque pearl align with the vision for Nacre?


The baroque pearl is irregularly shaped with indented and uneven surfaces. These surfaces create additional opportunities for light to refract off the nacre, bringing about a luster unlike that of a traditional symmetrical pearl. You see, the baroque pearl’s imperfections actually help it shine.

At Nacre, our intent is to create simple, yet significant pieces that will stand the test of time. We are proponents of constructing a minimalist lifestyle, one in which every one of your belongings aligns closely with who you are and what you value.

We believe that pearls are timeless. They complement any style and are a wardrobe staple. Their versatility and classic nature mean that pearls will be with a woman for years. They are the antithesis of fast fashion.

Thus, we’ve released an intimate collection that includes a baroque pearl pendant necklace and Nacre pearlescent studs. 

Baroque Pearl Stud Earrings and Baroque Pearl Necklaces 

Our pearl necklace includes a single baroque pearl, either regular or mini, on a timeless chain of sterling silver or gold vermeil. The genuine freshwater baroque pearl delicately floats on a diamond-cut chain. A bolo slide allows for easy adjustment to your desired length, up to 19 inches, and a lobster clasp secures the necklace.

Additionally, we have created a set of baroque pearl stud earrings. The earrings feature a pair of genuine freshwater baroque pearls. The pearls are AA grade and hand-selected for their shape and luster. The pearls are mounted on a solid sterling silver, Rhodium-plated post with an earring back of the same sterling silver.

The refraction of light from the nacre of these irregular pearls creates a luster that catches the light differently as the day progresses.

Consider adding a pair of Nacre pearlescent studs or a baroque pearl necklace to your curated collection. It is our hope that each piece will gently nudge you to connect with yourself, others, and the world around you.

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