3 Modern Minimalist Watches

3 Modern Minimalist Watches

This article is about minimalist watches women love, and our Nacre Watches process for creating them. But first, we have to talk a bit about innovation. Not every innovation moves society toward a greater good. 


In fact, it seems our increasingly connected world is actually distancing people from one another. Emails take the place of conversations, and people pull out their devices to open apps or check the time, even mid-conversation with another. 


Is technology bringing us together or driving us apart?


While this has become the norm, if you listen closely, intuition may be sending a warning. Certain technological advances are driving a wedge between people, inhibiting our ability to form authentic connections.


In some small manner, we are seeking to have a small part in turning the tides. Keep scrolling to see how.


The Nacre brand is associated with intentional simplicity that respects personal style while gently nudging people to connect with themselves and one another outside of the digital sphere.


Our purpose is to create simple yet significant pieces that can add value to your life and your capsule wardrobe. 


Our mission is to create minimal watches women love that also keep people present.


Our brand started with a desire to create a modern pearl watch to elevate and ground the everyday woman. 


With a background in watchmaking and years of experience sourcing timepieces from around the world, our founder, Loren, identified an opportunity to contribute to the market. While high-end luxury brands were producing beautiful pearl watches, there was nothing in this realm available at an accessible price point. 


Inspired by the moon and her phases and enchanted by the pearl and its layers of nacre, Loren created minimalist watches for women (and men) rooted in meaning. Below, we will show you three of our favorite timeless watches.


You see, the moon shows us how to be unwaveringly present. She marks the time and moves the tides, and she shows up every night to complement the darkness. 


Those tides play a part in the shallows as well. As disruptors enter the shell of the oyster, the organism works the debris into a pearl. And as the sea batters the pearl, it forms layers of nacre that ultimately give it its timeless beauty.


The idea for Nacre Watches originated with intentional inspiration. However, the act of creating our line of timepieces was a practical exercise in craftsmanship and quality.


Leaning on the experience of three generations of watchmakers, Nacre founders set out to create heirloom-quality minimalist watches women would love to wear for years to come. The idea was to build quality into each timepiece and to create a design that becomes more and more comfortable with every wear.


After taking you through a few of the hallmarks of our craftsmanship, we’ll show you three minimal watches women rely on as wardrobe staples.


Double-domed crystal subtly nods to quality. 


We knew we wanted to use double-domed crystal in the creation of Nacre Watches. 


Our team spent countless hours over a year to perfect the watch crystal. In addition to creating a beautiful and minimal silhouette, the story surrounding layers of nacre inspired us to develop a crystal that would build strength into beauty.


Double-domed crystal means that the crystal on the watch’s face is rounded on both the inside and the outside. This feature eliminates distortion, even when you look at the watch from an angle. It creates a clear and crisp view of the time. 


However, our watch crystals also possess superior scratch-resistance, exceptional clarity, and minimal glare. In an understated manner, our watch cases are both beautiful and strong.

minimal watches for women with double-domed crystal case


We found Japanese movements to be reliably precise.


Within our double-domed crystal cases are Japanese Citizen Miyota movements. After touring the top-rated watch movement factories, we found this movement would deliver precision every time.


Unlike the Swiss movement-makers, their Japanese counterparts are focused on efficiency and precision over aesthetics. 


Japanese movements are incredibly high-quality. The emphasis in crafting the movements is on durability and reliability, both qualities we wanted to incorporate into every Nacre watch.


Minimalist watches with interchangeable straps provide versatility.


In creating our line, it was essential for us to incorporate a versatility element that would meet the wearer wherever they are in their journey. For example, our Lune could be paired with a saddle leather strap for a classically casual look and feel or swapped for a Milanese mesh strap for a dressed-up aesthetic.

Our Nacre Watches system of interchangeable straps allows the wearer to customize the look and feel effortlessly. Currently, straps are available in either vegetable-tanned Italian leather or Milanese mesh.

minimalist watches women interchangeable watch straps


Minimalist watches with Italian leather, vegetable-tanned straps promote sustainability and quality.


Vegetable-tanned leather is environmentally-friendly, undergoes an extensive organic process, and requires skilled craftsmanship. It stands the test of time and only gets better with age and use.


Inspired by the Italian countryside, we traveled to Italy to source vegetable-tanned leather for our collection of watch straps. We vetted several tanneries, where we were able to observe the intentional and artisanal vegetable-tanning process and were in awe of the patience and connection with the work that the artisans displayed. 


You see, leather can obtain its rich color in one of two ways; vegetable tanning or chromium tanning. 


The chrome tanning process is quicker, less expensive, and allows the leather to maintain its hue longer. However, the vegetable-tanning process aligns with our organic approach to allowing nature to take its time.


Vegetable-tanned leather is a long and slow process that allows the leather to develop a rich and woody aroma. The leather is tanned using organic ingredients, such as tree bark.


Since the process doesn’t employ machinery (less electricity) or chemicals (fewer pollutants), its impact on the environment is significantly mitigated. 

minimalist watches italian vegetable tanned leather watch straps


In terms of aesthetics, vegetable-tanned leather is slightly stiffer at first than its chemically-treated counterpart. However, vegetable-tanned leather cultivates a soft suppleness with use that is indicative of the quality that comes with time. 


Additionally, our Italian leather watch straps will develop a lovely patina over time that can be likened to the layered beauty of our own growth over time.


Minimalist watches with Milanese mesh straps elevate the level of sophistication. 


Milanese mesh, aptly named for the Italian city of Milan, provides a durable yet sophisticated look that can be effortlessly paired with any of our Nacre watches. We chose Milanese mesh for its adjustable length, simplicity of design, ease of cleaning, and unparalleled comfort.


Milanese mesh watch straps are made from braided bands of stainless steel. While the intertwined bands lend themselves to a more intricate look, the design is simple and easy to clean. 


Additionally, while the mesh watch band elevates the look’s sophistication, a watch with a Milanese mesh strap is exceptionally comfortable. In fact, the mesh matches the temperature of the wearer’s skin, making it perfect year-round. 


Finally, Milanese mesh watch straps are adjustable in length, suiting the needs of any size wrist.

minimalist watches women milanese mesh strap


3 Minimalist Watches Women Love to Wear


While our collection of Nacre watches is versatile (over 500 combos!), we’re pulling together three looks that will certainly stand the test of time. 


Lune 8


The Lune 8 is inspired by the moon and her 8 phases. As the moon waxes and wanes, as she appears full in her brilliance and then almost disappears altogether, we also show up differently throughout our lives. 


The Lune 8 features a double-domed crystal case with Japanese movements. The watch face is adorned with eight pearls around its perimeter. 


One of our favorites is the Lune 8 in rose gold with our rose gold Milanese mesh strap.



minimalist watch for women with pearls and mesh strap




The bright white face of the Lune is yet another nod to the moon in her fullness. The full moon reminds us that the chance for a new beginning is always there. In her brightness, she encourages us to let go of whatever may be troubling us and to look ahead to regeneration.


We love the Lune in gold with our gold Milanese Mesh strap.

minimalist watch women with mesh strap lune by nacre watches


Mini Lune


A petite iteration of the Lune, the Mini Lune is a simple statement watch that makes an impact not by being big and bold but because of its delicate nature. 


Try the Mini Lune in rose gold with a rose gold Milanese Mesh strap.

minimalist watches women with smaller face mini lune by nacre watches


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We are completely committed to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship and unparalleled customer care. We want our relationship with you to stand the test of time. If you have any questions about our mission or products, please reach out to us at contact@nacrewatches.com.

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