Inspired by pearls. Born of the water. Moved by the moon.

Our family has been in the watch business since 1949. Brother and sister, Ryan and Loren Wilson, founded Nacre to build on this family legacy.

The Moon & The Pearl

Nacre (ney•ker) means “mother of pearl”.

We’re inspired by the moon and its ability to move the tides and mark the time. The pearl, born of water, transcends both time and season. We believe in making a watch that does the same.

Quality materials

We wanted to make a watch that is built to last and gets better the more you wear it. We traveled the world to source the highest quality materials we could find, while still making a watch at an attainable price.

Versatile Design

Personal style is important to us, so we wanted to make it simple to change the look of the watch. With a quick-release attachment and a wide selection of bands, it’s easy to take your watch from day to night or simply create a new look.


Thoughtful design, quality materials and skillful construction that celebrates your personal style are the guiding principles to everything we do.