We sourced the finest materials from arond the world.

Quality you feel the moment it touches your wrist.

Italian Leather Band

Design and Construction

Our straps are handmade and raw edge painted to refine the strap sides. The quick-release strap changing mechanism allows you to easily change your strap to achieve a different look.

Vegetable Tanning

In a small family tannery outside of Florence, vegetable tanning transforms premium rawhides into our Italian leather straps. The vegetable tanning process dates back to around 400 BCE and uses natural tannins from tree bark and other plant tissues to preserve the leather.

The process is better for both the environment and your watch band.

Better the more you wear it

Vegetable tanning produces a much more durable and unique product that will maintain its quality look and feel for a lifetime. The leather is left naked, with no synthetic top finishes.

It will acquire a patina over time, developing character and becoming more beautiful the more your watch is worn. Natural wear, oils from your skin and the light of the sun will bring out the beauty of the leather.

Our co-founders, Ryan Wilson and Loren Wilson Fernandez, at the tannery in Florence, Italy.

Milanese Mesh Bracelet

A design developed in Milan at the end of the 19th century, interlaced stainless steel rings form a bracelet that fits comfortably and adapts to the shape of your wrist.