Pearl Watches and the Nacre Circle

Pearl Watches and the Nacre Circle

At Nacre, what started with pearl watches has organically evolved into a lifestyle brand that supports conscious living and simple, yet significant style. 


Pearl Watches by Nacre are Inspired by the Pearl and its Journey into Existence



Nacre Watches engineers classic timepieces that awaken a signature style to stand the test of time.

Collectively, humanity is relentlessly bombarded with the stimuli of our digital world. Supposedly, we are more connected than ever. However, reports indicate that certain advances are linked to feelings of loneliness and isolation. It seems we have the world at our fingertips, yet we can’t seem to reach even our closest friends. Our brains are overstimulated, but our souls are left wanting.

Similarly, society has taught us to collect achievements, possessions, and financial wealth. At a harried pace, we work toward this perspective of success, often at the cost of our health and wellness. We strive unendingly and seem to never be able to fill our proverbial cups. Once again, we are busy but never satisfied.

Like you, we see the problem, and we don’t have all of the answers. But we have observed the trends, and we know that we can provide one grounding touch point.

At Nacre, our vision is to contribute to more intentional living. We’ve created a statement watch collection, including pearl watches, with the hope that this simple timepiece will remind people that quality (relationships, work, self-care) takes time and attention. 



Consider this: The simple act of glancing at your watch (when compared to pulling out your phone to check the time) keeps you grounded and in the moment.



Pearl Watches for Modern Day Elegance 


While We are Absolutely Inspired by the Pearl, We're Also Moved by the Moon and Her Ability to Shift the Tides and Mark the Time



Our name, Nacre, is rooted in meaning inspired by nature.

The world is unlikely to ever unravel the mystery behind the creation of nacre (ney-ker) and its layers of strength and beauty. 

Nestled in a shallow-water bed, the oyster is an ecosystem engineer. Its hard shell supplies sanctuary for smaller species and its very breath filters the water in which it lives.

Within this remarkable creature, another life-giving evolution is taking place. 

Veils of nacre are materializing atop one another, activated by instinct to purge impurities from the shell. The mother-of-pearl is knit together to create an elastic fiber that is at once flexible and formidable. In protecting its inner sanctum, the nacre responds by ensconcing the impure intruder and polishing it into a gift, a pearl.



Our souls cultivate their own nacre.  



Subtly moved by the tides of our own lives, we build layer atop layer to create a protective husk. When a disruption ripples through our waters, we don’t disengage. Instead, we observe, accept, and transform.

We are in awe of nacre and its role in producing pearls, so much so that we chose the moniker for our brand as a constant reminder of our own ability to transform trials into our own life’s pearls.




Creating Space for Connection in the Digital World



We are inspired by the stories our customers share with us and want to amplify the voices of those aligned with our transformative vision. 

To harness the power of shared experiences, we encourage our community (and those interested in the lifestyle) to contribute to the #NacreCircle and to seek inspiration there, as well.



In the Nacre circle, we value our experiences, knowing that from every encounter comes another layer and a new gift.



As we move through the universe, we’re drawn to connecting with one another and with our world. Every person’s journey is their own, but we understand the innate power of communing with one another. We are resilient but stronger together, and the circle we create casts radiant light that mimics the moon’s energy at her fullest. 



Pearl Watches Nacre Watches


In the circle, we are intentional about what we curate. Our treasures are simple, yet significant, reminding us that our individuality and authentic style are empowering.

Each and every one of us who desires to live a simple yet significant life is welcome. Join us in the Nacre Circle on Instagram