Nacre Watches in Croatia: The Pearl of the Adriatic

Nacre Watches in Croatia: The Pearl of the Adriatic

This season, we worked on an inspiring piece for our Iridescence Blog. Along with Alex Perry from Minty Snap, we took Nacre on an exploration of the crescent-shaped country of Croatia.

Alex wore the following items from our Croatia Collection during her journey.

Lune 48 in Gold

Lune 8 in Gold

Lune in Stainless Steel

Mini Lune in Rose Gold


The Pearl of the Adriatic 

Situated in central Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, Croatia is bordered on three sides by Slovenia, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country’s fourth border is the stunning Adriatic Sea. Off the coast of Croatia are over one thousand idyllic islands, only 48 of which are inhabited. 

The country’s wild and rugged coastline has enraptured many travelers the world over. One of these visitors includes the 19th century English poet Lord Byron, who famously dubbed Croatia “The Pearl of the Adriatic.” While Croatia is indeed a pearl of sheer beauty, we would argue that she is a baroque pearl, her irregular shape resulting in an unmatched luster.

Croatia is one of the most sought-after spots for art, history, architecture, music, theatre, and dining. Travelers seek out the destination hoping to be inspired by Croatia’s architectural wonders, beautiful gardens, baroque-style churches, and breathtaking coastlines, all set against a backdrop of magnificent mountains.

The Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik 

We began our journey at the stunning Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik. Situated on a rocky outcrop of coastline, the property features uninterrupted views of the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Beneath the shimmering expanse of turquoise, submerged rocks fan out like fingers, snaking across the seabed. 

As we spend time soaking in the sea air and bathing in her magnificence, we are reminded that life’s simple pleasures are most often the most significant. Glancing at Lune with her minimal face and breathable mesh strap, we value the time we have, seeking to spend it breathing, reconnecting.


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Old Town Dubrovnik

Within walking distance of the hotel lies Dubrovnik Old Town, one of the world’s best-preserved medieval walled cities. Old Town Dubrovnik once rivaled Venice as a trading port. Ensconced within stone walls erected as early as the 11th century and separated from enemies and endemics by a sapphire sea, the city was well-protected. Along its walls are meticulously maintained towers, bastions, and fortresses that have existed for centuries. These walls are a living monument and every bit as part of the old city as the sea below. 


People can stroll through the city atop the walls, taking in the sites from aloft. Visitors regularly remark that their glimpses into the everyday are what have remained with them long after their trip to the Old Town has ended - a woman hanging laundry, a child playing below, a man repairing the oar from a boat.


It is intuitive to connect with others over shared experiences, even in the seemingly mundane. We seek to see ourselves reflected in the phases of another life lived. Just as the moon transitions through her cycle, we also grow, change, revert, and grow again. Lune 8 introduces a subtle reminder of this concept with eight cabochon nacre pearls, handset on the watch’s face.


nacre watches in croatia old town dubrovnik


The entire city within the walls is for pedestrians only. Tourists and locals alike bustle through town, up and down the city’s steep streets on foot, free from the noise and pollution of motor vehicles.

The Rector’s Palace

Within the Old Town is the Rector’s Palace. Recognizable to some from Game of Thrones (Old Town Dubrovnik was the site for King’s Landing in the series), Rector’s Palace is a 15th-century gothic renaissance palace, preserved with period furnishings and portraits.


Stepping back in time here reveals to us the intricacies and formalities of a way of life that we can only read about. 


nacre watches croatia pearl


Idyllic island views and natural wonders, paired with centuries-old art and architecture, make Croatia the perfect place to distance oneself from the pulls of modern life. It is here that we can come to the realization that what was once important centuries ago still has an enormous impact today and is well worth preserving. 

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Thank you to Alex for bringing the Nacre x Croatia concept to life, and we appreciate you for taking this journey with us. Shop the Nacre x Croatia collection below.


Lune 48 in Gold

Lune 8 in Gold

Lune in Stainless Steel

Mini Lune in Rose Gold

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